Goodbye SRC students and teacher

Goodbye Alcina, Beatriz, and Laura.  They spent 5 weeks in the lab as a part of the Summer Research Connection program from the Caltech Teaching, Learning, and Outreach Center.  We enjoyed having them in the lab, and learnt a great deal from their questions and curiosity.  Alcina and Beatriz are brave  high school students who plunged straight into doing embryo and FISH experiments with Chris, Harry, and Tom.  Laura O’Dell teaches middle school students at the STEAM Academy at Burke, and this summer, she has developed several awesome lesson plans based on ongoing research projects in our lab.  It’s really inspiring to see how she translates what we think is so complicated into simple lessons young students can understand, along with fun activities to demonstrate the insights.  She will continue visiting our lab beyond the summer, so we look forward to continue learning from her.

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