Back from hiatus

It is high time that we get the lab updates going again!  We have all been quietly and gratefully hiding under the rock in the idyllic sunny Southern California.  We just submitted the jelly paper (congratulations, Mike, Ty, and Will).  Harry, Noah, and Chris (yes, all three of them) are going to give talks in the upcoming Q-Bio.  It is hard to say whether the palpable excitement is because of the exciting Q-Bio conference, or because the conference takes place in Hawaii.  Clare and Tom joined the lab as post-bac technicians.  Clare is holding the torch in cell analysis, having just segmented her 600th cell.  Tom is discovering how mysterious a 3-protein circuit can be.  We welcome Kim Kibeom and Andres Ortiz, our rotation students from Biology.  Kiboem has just produced a record-breaking clearest-ever Western blot, and Andres is enjoying that enviable first experience of watching frog embryos develop.  Movie-making, stuff-building, mixing and separating clear liquids, playing and imagining – all happily going.  New projects are popping up in the lab, from biochemical reconstitution to behaviour studies. More on that and pictures to follow.

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