Zevin J Condiotte

Graduate Student, Biology
My project investigates the roles of microbes in Drosophila regenerative response
Email: zcondiot@caltech.edu

Judah Bates

Graduate Student, Bioengineering
Building metabolic models of Drosophila symbionts to explore their contribution to inducing limb regeneration. Also, an assistant college basketball coach, gamer, and nature lover.

Email: gbates@caltech.edu

Yutian Li

Graduate Student, Biology
Works on limb regeneration in adult Drosophila. In the meantime, a beginner baker, an improving cook, and a boba lover.
Email: yutian@caltech.edu

Jesus del Rio Salgado

Graduate Student, Biology
Email: jdelrios@caltech.edu

Aki Ohdera

Postdoctoral fellow
Email: aohdera@caltech.edu

Lea Goentoro

Professor of Biology
Email: goentoro@caltech.edu


  • Laura Ratliff ... High school volunteer, Flintridge Prep. Now at Georgetown University.
  • Fayth Tan ... Graduate Student, Biology
  • Anish Sarma ... Graduate Student, Computation & Neural Systems
  • Michael Abrams ... Graduate Student, Biology. Now Miller Fellow at UC Berkeley.
  • Ty Basinger ... Technician, Frog and Jelly Whisperer
  • PaĆ³la Benefo ... Amgen Scholar, Berea College. Now technician at UC Davis.
  • David Berger ... Undergraduate Researcher, Caltech
  • Ashley Chen ... High School Volunteer, South High School
  • Christopher Frick ... Graduate Student, Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics. Now Research Scientist at Allen Institute.
  • David Gold ... Cordes Postdoctoral Fellow. Now Junior Faculty at UC Davis.
  • Mengsha Gong ... Graduate Student, Bioengineering
  • Kibeom Kim ... Graduate Student, Systems Biology
  • Andrew Liu ... Laboratory Technician. Now graduate student at Northwestern University.
  • Harry Nunns ... Graduate Student, Systems Biology
  • Noah Olsman ... Graduate Student, Control and Dynamical Systems. Now postdoctoral fellow at Harvard Medical School.
  • Ivan Schmidt ... High School Volunteer, Flintridge Prep. Now at University of Chicago.
  • Misha Raffiee ... Student researcher, Bioengineering. Now graduate student at Stanford University.
  • Clare Yarka ... Technician. Now at Kite Pharma.
  • Thomas Hilzinger ... Technician. Now at PricewaterhouseCoopers.
  • Lawrence Cheng ... High School Volunteer, La Canada High School
  • Julian Kimura ... Summer student, Duke University
  • William Yuan ... SURF student, Oxford University. Now graduate student at Harvard Medical School.
  • Stacy Yeh ... SURF student, Caltech
  • Bryan Ryba ... SURF student, Amgen Fellow, UCSD. Now MD/PhD at UCSD.
  • Xun Wang ... Graduate Student, Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics
  • Jae Hyoung Cho ... Research Scientist